wandering rat

hey, I'm a worm. I live in chicago sorta. I enjoy long walks on the beach, cartoons, making fun of myself, lasers, and weirdo music. i don't know what else to say. let's be pals

'[Tom] Lehrer's song “The Old Dope Peddler" is sampled in rapper 2 Chainz's song “Dope Peddler”, on his 2012 debut album, Based on a T.R.U. Story. The following year, Lehrer said he was “very proud” to have his song sampled “literally sixty years after I recorded it.” Lehrer went on to describe his official response to the request to use his song: “As sole copyright owner of ‘The Old Dope Peddler’, I grant you motherfuckers permission to do this. Please give my regards to Mr. Chainz, or may I call him 2?”’




Almost finished my new piece! Its called “The Apocalypse of Ed Gein”

Dip Pen and Ink.

Fuckin A+

fuck dude, this is one of the best things I have seen in a long time. 

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back in my day of 2010 tumblr ‘throwing shade’ was called ‘sly digging’ and memes werent ironic, they were real

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drake & josh

season 1:drake helps josh w/ a crush
season 4:drake & josh accidentally sell an orangutan to a man who eats orangutans
Anonymous asked: ur band really sucks I guess you can play guitar good but ur band is bad sorry o ya I hate ur personality 2


the tears are exploding out of my face

Anonymous asked: Cute Logan in love who r with in love


love is gay


I came out to attack people and I’m honestly having such a good time right now

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